A True Absent Mind (seraphene) wrote in ucbphotoclub,
A True Absent Mind


Welcome to the UCB Photo Club Livejournal! The first meeting will be today, September 7th, at 5pm in Memorial Glade on the UC Berkeley campus. Bring pictures to share, friends, questions, candy; we'll take anything.

You can post pictures by uploading them to a third-party server [a common favorite is Photobucket; any other recommendations are welcomed in the comments], and writing a post with the following code:
<img src="http://www.yourserver.com/yourpicture.jpg">

For example, <img src="http://absentminds.net/pictures/twist/tp36.jpg"> yields:

After each meeting, I [or whoever else becomes secretary] will be posting the meeting minutes. Today we'll decide on a regular day & time, & soon we'll have a location ready. Stay tuned!
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