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A True Absent Mind

Meeting minutes - 10/19: EXCURSION :D

So, the last meeting was a work-share meeting, where we shared our "photo essays," & decided on the next month's theme: Portraiture. People's faces. People's characters. However you want to interpret it, there it is.

We also went over a few logistics:

  • EXCURSION! We're going into San Francisco via car this Saturday. We'll hit up all the touristy (or non-touristy -- who knows? we'll let you decide!) places that you can't easily get to by public transit. If you want in, email Erin at erin.maxon@gmail.com so she knows how many people (& therefore how many cars) to plan for. It'll be picnic style, so plan to bring food (preferably to share, but if you just want to take care of yourself, sure, go ahead). We'll be meeting at 2:30 at the Channing-Bowditch apartment parking lot. If you're sketchy on where that is, email Erin.

  • From now on, on the off-weeks from work-share (that's the first Wednesday of every month), one or two volunteers will be doing a photographer exposé: Look up information on (one of) your favorite photographer(s): their history, how they got started, what their most famous piece is, why they're famous, what technique they're famous for, & at least a couple of their pieces of work.

  • Janet Delaney has an "Intro to Photography" class (Visual Studies 181). If you want in at any point in the future, email her: she keeps tabs. janet@janetdelaney.com. It's hard to get into because it's targeted at architecture majors, so this'll get you a foot in the door. But beware: It's very time consuming and very expensive - you have to buy all of the supplies yourself.

  • We may be renting a showcase box in Dwinelle. The idea is that after our work-share meetings, we can put up the work we've shared so that it can be on display for the next month. There's likely a fee for that, but if we break it down among members it'll be minimal. We'll let you know when that gets moving.

  • On November 20, Oscar will be doing a Copyright workshop. Meet for that at 6pm (instead of the usual 5:30) in the usual place - 250 Dwinelle.

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